Propworx is pleased to provide Stargate fans with desktop wallpapers of iconic props, costumes and set pieces created from the high-quality photography that will be featured in our forthcoming auction catalogs.

To download, simply right-click on the image below and select “Save link as…” in the right-click menu.

Atlantis Gate

Goa'uld Ribbon Device

Teal'c Serpent Helmet

Horus Guard Helmet

The Ark of Truth

Asgard Puppet

Ancient Communication Terminal

Zero-Point Module

Ancient Drone

Mimic Device from Stargate SG-1's "Foothold"

Propworx - Stargate Artifacts Wallpaper 09 - Earth Symbol

Earth Origin Symbol on the Earth's Milky Way Stargate

Zat Gun from Stargate SG-1

Propworx - Stargate Artifacts Wallpaper 11 - Harmony Wall Painting

Harmony Wall Painting from STARGATE ATLANTIS's "Harmony."

Propworx - Stargate Artifacts Wallpaper 12 - Origin Wall Sconce

Origin Wall Sconce from STARGATE SG-1